Prosody-meaning mismatches in PP ambiguity: Incremental processing with pupillometry

We report the results of a pupillometry experiment on the prosodic disambiguation of PP modifier sentences. We manipulated instrument plausibility ('pen' vs. 'gun') and prosodic boundary placement, so that a prosodic boundary biased towards a …

Using pupillometry to assess prosodic alignment in language comprehension

We show that the pupillometry method, which continuously captures minute changes in pupil size, provides a natural, real-time measure sensitive to mismatches between prosodic and syntactic group- ing. Pupillometry is increasingly used as a measure of …

Information structure preferences in focus-sensitive ellipsis: How defaults persist

We compare the roles of overt accent and default focus marking in processing ellipsis structures headed by focus-sensitive coordinators (such as Danielle couldn't pass the quiz, let alone the final/Kayla). In a small auditory corpus study of radio …

Cue reliability affects anticipatory use of prosody in processing globally ambiguous sentences.

Pupil dilation indexes closure mismatches between prosody and syntax

Implicit prosody and thematic assignment in garden-path recovery.

L2 Adaptation to Unreliable Prosody During Structural Analysis: A Visual World Study

Predictive processing and reliability in the influence of prosody in L2 structural analysis

Remnant seeks correlate for contrastive relationship. Locals preferred.

Standing alone with prosodic help

Two partially independent issues are addressed in two auditory rating studies: under what circumstances is a substring of a sentence identified as a stand-alone sentence, and under what circumstances do globally ill-formed but ‘locally coherent’ …