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Transparent free relatives and commitments de lingua

Commitments de lingua in transparent free relatives.


Parsing and prosodic mismatch: The view from pupillometry


Learning to anticipate with unconventional prosodic mappings: The L2 advantage

Effects of morphological identity and voice mismatch in VP ellipsis

Learning to anticipate contrast with prosody: A visual world study with L2 learners

The online advantage of repairing metrical structure: Stress shift in pupillometry

Morphological identity and voice mismatch in VP ellipsis: An interference-based account

Disambiguating stripping ellipsis in Persian: How parallelism and locality interact


Not all cues are equal: Retrieving gender and number in Brazilian Portuguese sluiced sentences

The effect of position on relative clauses

Mapping remnant and correlate in Persian stripping

The limits of forward thinking: Structural prediction with correlative and quantificational 'both'

Resolving ambiguous VP ellipsis in eye tracking: A case for underspecification

Online closure mismatches between prosody and syntax: A pupillometry study

Evidence for lingering structural prediction in 'either-or' structures


Pupil dilation indexes closure mismatches between prosody and syntax


Predictions in sentence processing: Words to structure

Sloppy on the road to strict? Stereotypical gender and the interpretation of VP Ellipsis.

Predictability and misperception: An eye movement and ex- Gaussian analysis

Predictive processing and reliability in the influence of prosody in L2 structural analysis

Local constraint is inhibited by global context in concessive structures

L2 Adaptation to Unreliable Prosody During Structural Analysis: A Visual World Study

Disconfirmed lexical predictions linger in highly constraining contexts


Remnant seeks correlate for contrastive relationship. Locals preferred.

When structure isn't enough: Discourse contrast in resolving focus-sensitive coordination

Correlate not optional: PP sprouting in much less ellipsis

Preference for single events guides perception in Russian: A phoneme restoration study


On sprouting in much less ellipsis

Favoring a broad QUD in focus sensitive coordination

Structure modulates similarity-based interference in sluicing: An eye movement study

Focus particles in context: Support for the Broadest Focus Principle

Focus marking isn't enough: The role of structural bias in focus-sensitive coordination


Lexical Decision in Real Time: A Mouse Tracking Study

A Transparent Semantics for Transparent Free Relatives

Preferences for focus particle placement: Two experiments

Biscuit conditionals as indirect offers

What was the question? Broad focus in focus-sensitive coordination

Adjective sprouting in much-less ellipsis

Signaling non-speaker commitment in transparent free relatives: A paired speaker-hearer judgment study

Commitment by proxy

The local contrast expectation in let alone coordination

Shifting viewpoints and discourse economy

Focus preferences for focus-sensitive particles (and why)

Processing focus sensitive-coordination


That's, what, an approximation? A formal semantics for approximative what

The Event-Extraction Correlation: Evidence from Coordination

The cost of unexpected contrast: Processing let alone

Figuring out Kafka: structural biases induce early sense commitment for metonyms

Discourse accessibility and structural bias: Processing d-linked phrases in sluices

Using Structural Cues in Processing Polysemes


Voltaire was More Easily Duped than Forged: Structural Cues in Processing Polysemy

A semantics for interjective what

Alternatives on demand: Processing d-linked phrases in sluice structures

On the semantics of domain adjectives in English


Processing and domain selection: Quantificationally variable domains

On selecting quantificational domains during sentence processing


The pragmatics of free indirect discourse: A questionnaire study

Perspective-shifting with appositives and expressives


Locality, Event-construal and Extraction: Psycholinguistic Evidence


On the Syntax and Semantics of Heim's Ambiguity




The Interpretation of Concealed Questions: MEG and Eye-Tracking Data


The roles of the right hemisphere and the anterior midline field in semantic processing: MEG studies


The associative origins of words