Extended perspective shift and discourse economy in language processing

Research spanning linguistics, psychology, and philosophy suggests that speakers and hearers are finely attuned to perspectives and viewpoints that are not their own, even though perspectival information is not encoded directly in the morphosyntax of …

Effect of partial quotation and transparent free relatives on perspective shift

Perspective shift allows speakers to utter content they may not fully endorse. We explore the interpretation of perspective shifting expressions with a study on Transparent Free Relatives (Allen poured [what (is called/he calls) a beergarita]) and …

Association with focus for focus-sensitive particles: Differences between only and even in silent reading

Implicit prosody pulls its weight: Recovery from garden path sentences

Commitment by proxy: Perspective management with transparent free relatives

A Transparent Semantics for Transparent Free Relatives

Signaling non-speaker commitment in transparent free relatives: A paired speaker-hearer judgment study

Commitment by proxy

Shifting viewpoints and discourse economy

Signaling Non-Speaker commitment in Transparent Free Relatives: A paired Speaker-Hearer judgment study

In a typical conversation, Speakers are assumed to be committed to the content of their utterances. Recent research has uncovered several linguistic expressions or prosodic contours that convey subtle interactions between the commitments of discourse …