The effect of position on relative clauses

Locality and Alternatives on Demand: Resolving discourse-linked wh-phrases in sluiced structures

Previous studies have observed a tendency to associate the remnant (e.g., who) of ambiguous sluicing ellipsis with the closest/most local correlate (someone) in the matrix clause, as in Somebody said Fred fired someone, but I don’t know who. I …

Similarity-based interference and morphological retrieval in Portuguese sluiced sentences

Cue-based retrieval models predict reduced retrieval accuracy when the retrieval cue overlaps with more than one item in memory (similarity-based interference, SBI). This study addresses the extent to which morphological gender and number interact …

Semantic selectivity in the retrieval of sluiced sentences: An eye movement study.

Generating alternatives on demand: Processing sluices with d-linked remnants