eye tracking

Predictability and misperception: An eye movement and ex- Gaussian analysis

Predicted analyses linger: The case for structural prediction with either-or structures.

Semantic selectivity in the retrieval of sluiced sentences: An eye movement study.

Sloppy on the road to strict? Stereotypical gender and the interpretation of VP Ellipsis.

Disconfirmed lexical predictions linger in highly constraining contexts

Local constraint is inhibited by global context in concessive structures

Implicit prosody pulls its weight: Recovery from garden path sentences

Classic reduced relative clause garden path sentences (e.g., The horse raced past the barn fell) are notoriously difficult to comprehend, even after repeated exposure (Bever, 1970; Frazier, 1979). We present a silent eye tracking experiment showing …

Keep it local (and final): Remnant preferences in 'let alone' ellipsis

The let alone construction (John can't run a mile, let alone a marathon) differs from standard coordination structures (with and or but) by requiring ellipsis of the second conjunct—for example, a marathon is the remnant of an elided clause [John run …

Processing let alone coordination in silent reading

Processing research on coordination indicates that simpler conjuncts are preferred over more complex ones, and that positing ellipsis structure in the second conjunct is taxing to process when a simpler non-ellipsis structure exists. The present …

Structure modulates similarity-based interference in sluicing: An eye tracking study

In cue-based content-addressable approaches to memory, a target and its competitors are retrieved in parallel from memory via a fast, associative cue-matching procedure under a severely limited focus of attention. Such a parallel matching procedure …